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Family  photography in Chandigarh

When was the last time you were professionally photographed? I am photographing family and producing a contemporary magazine portrait of them that is absolutely transformative. There is not a single woman on this planet who does not want someone to show her how beautiful she really is, let alone do not want to have photos with her children and family. If you think it’s better to wait when you lose weight, you have less wrinkles, more tan, etc. Don’t think anymore! A professional makeup artist will transform you and make you look absolutely gorgeous!

Create a legacy of beautiful  family photography that you will keep forever !!

My style

My magazine style photography style is elegant, classic and timeless. We work with you to determine the appearance of your session.


All beauty sessions are tailored specifically to you, and include a consultation session with me where I will begin to design the session of your dreams. It is when and where we will choose the style that is closest to your personality, which can be more dancer style, more romantic etc, the range of possibilities is wide. This portrait service adapts 100% to your needs. Check my portfolio to find out which style appeals to you. We will work closely with you and listen to your ideas and expectations to make sure your vision comes true. Once your session has been booked, we will send you many tips on how to prepare for your photo shoot.

Locker room

Some dresses are recommended for your session. Professional hair and makeup art is recommended for stunning portraits and is not included in our package, so you can sit back and relax before your photo shoot begins. Whether you prefer to be natural or want a more dramatic look, our stylist will be on hand to give you the perfect look and provide touch-ups and styling changes.

Your beauty session

Our photo shoots are styled like a fashion shoot and are customized to make you look and feel elegant and seductive. They are designed specifically for you with various artistic lighting settings, backgrounds, poses, and style changes. Your session is done without haste since we only reserve one client per day, allowing us the freedom to spend the time necessary to perfect each configuration and help you make the most of your session. Even if it is your first professional photography session, our goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident. During your photo shoot with me, I’ll deftly guide you through graceful poses, focusing on angles that enhance your natural beauty.


Professional photo retouching is included in your session. We specialize in the most complete and detailed edition, and while we focus on creating a natural look, we will edit your photos to your liking. It is important to note that we are not here to become someone you are not. We are passionate about creating amazing images that celebrate your individuality and unique beauty.

Showing your art

Our studio offers high-quality fine art prints, magnificent galleries, and elegant album collections for a spectacular display of your most beautiful memories.

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