Cake Smash Photography

Chandigarh First Birthday Photoshoot

Cake Smash  Photography in Chandigarh

Is it your little one’s birthday? Would you like to have a very special memory of that moment to relive it when it grows up?

Smash Cake photography literally means “crush the cake.” It is a new trend in first birthday photography that is usually done on the first anniversary of the little one.

A baby and a cake … the rest: unpredictable but always fun and worthy of immortalizing in beautiful photographs.

How and when to do a first birthday photoshoot?

Ideally, the session should coincide with the date closest to the baby’s first birthday. However, many dads choose to do the session a month before and use the photos for the party invitations.

Once you have chosen the date, all you have to do is contact us and we will take care of everything: from the decorations and props, to the cake. We will guide you with the range of colors and shades that you like the most.

Cake Smash Photography
Cake Smash Photoshoot
Cake Smash Photos
Cake Smash Pictures
Cake Smash Portraits
First Birthday Photoshoot
First Birthday Photos
First Birthday Photography
First Birthday Pictures
First Birthday Portraits